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Providence Art Glass was founded in 2006 and is operated by two award-winning artists Rebecca Zhukov and Terence Dubreuil. Rebecca began her career as an artist in 1990 and has used her mastery of hand blown glass to create beautiful, natural, art forms. Terence is a lifelong artisan with an engineer’s mind. His skill at translating complex art forms into practical installations gives Providence Art Glass its signature ability to produce stunning and functional design solutions. Their cultural background and education in the Fine Arts provides them with a mutual passion to share their artwork with the world.

Over the past decade, interest in their glass creations has grown exponentially. In response they have focused on building a team of like-minded artisans, and support staff to continue to build their brand.  Regardless of how many new products are added, every item is created by hand so that each is unique and conforms to the high standards Providence Art Glass has always maintained.

Our team of designers and skilled artisans are committed to collaborating with our clients to create exceptional sculptural luminaires that enrich environments.