Linear Pendant Lighting

Decorating is all about injecting your personal style into your home. One of the easiest ways to do this with the linear pendant lighting. At Providence Art Glass, we have a large selection of light fixtures made from handblown glass that will add a layer of character to any room of your choosing.

Our pendant lights prove to be a simple yet elegant way to update your room and change the ambiance almost immediately. Lighting is a surefire way to change the atmosphere of a room, and nothing accomplishes this like glass pendant lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary feel or just want an updated light fixture to change the atmosphere of a room, linear pendant lighting is a great solution.

Browse our collection of hanging pendant lights today and find the one that fits your style.

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  • Fiona Streamline

  • Fiona Matrix

  • Stella Streamline

  • Metro Streamline

  • Aurora Streamline

  • Petra Streamline

  • Hexa Streamline

  • Stella Matrix

  • Metro Matrix

  • Aurora Matrix

  • Petra Matrix

  • Hexa Matrix