Linear Pendant Chandeliers

These hand-blown multi pendant linear chandeliers will add a unique elegance to your interior decor.  Choose a luminaire and glass style, select a color and finish to give your chandelier a highly personalized look.  Go beyond your average light fixture with these sleek one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Customization is our specialty.

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Our pendant lights prove to be a simple yet elegant way to update your room and change the ambiance almost immediately. Lighting is a surefire way to change the atmosphere of a room, and nothing accomplishes this like glass pendant lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary feel or just want an updated light fixture to change the atmosphere of a room, linear pendant lighting is a great solution.

Browse our collection of hanging pendant lights today and find the one that fits your style.

  • Fiona Streamline

  • Fiona Matrix

  • Stella Streamline

  • Metro Streamline

  • Aurora Streamline

  • Petra Streamline

  • Hexa Streamline

  • Stella Matrix

  • Metro Matrix

  • Aurora Matrix

  • Petra Matrix

  • Hexa Matrix